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Vicki McDonald Chair, IFLA Academic & Research LibrariesThe IFLA Academic and Research Libraries Standing Committee is very pleased to host this satellite meeting in Cape Town.  Our theme of “The quest for deeper meaning of research support” reflects the increasing importance of the library’s role in supporting research.
Taking a proactive approach to this new role, many libraries have responded by building both their capability and capacity to support research.  New roles for library professionals have emerged, e.g. digital curation specialist, eResearch access coordinator.  Likewise, new activities have become part of the Library’s service suite:  bibliometrics, altmetrics, data management, digital preservation.
In this satellite meeting, our keynote speakers and presenters will explore the opportunities and challenges of supporting research support and being a partner in the research process.
I invite you to join us in Cape Town for this satellite meeting to the 81st World Library and Information Congress.  Our committee has developed an excellent program and an equally enjoyable social program.  We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support to enable us to deliver this program.
I look forward to seeing you in Cape Town!
Vicki McDonald
Chair, IFLA Academic & Research Libraries